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Skateboard Headquarters 
Find a selection of the top complete skateboards, skateboard decks, skateboard wheels, bearings, skate clothing and more.     

Rollerskate Headquarters
Featuring a selection of all the top rollerskate brands including precision quality boots, rollerskate wheels, bearings, racing skates and more

Inline Skate Headquarters 
Featuring a selection of top inline skates featuring companies, inline skate wheels, skate bearings, racing skates, and more.       

Ice Skate Headquarters
Featuring a selection of ice skates from top ice skate companies including figure skates, hockey skates, racing skates and more

Ask the Skate HQ Expert

What is an ABEC rated bearing?
ABEC stands for the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee which is and international organization that rates bearings at different levels of precision.

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What is Durometer?
The durometer is the measurment of the level of density of a wheel or "how hard or soft it is".

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